Fixed Gear - means a bicycle with a fixed gear, that is, the rear sprocket has a rigid connection with the hub, and when the wheel rotates, the pedals will move in any case. This allows not only to brake the muscular efforts of the legs, but also to go backwards.

Of the famous and popular races for Fixed Gear, there is currently an alley. Its essence is to move around the city through control points as quickly as possible.

Awarded the first and (in the tradition of fun) the last competitor. Alleyket races came to us from Toronto, where local couriers, who used Fixed Gear bicycles, were spending their free time. Hence the specificity with control points that mimic the delivery of goods or messages.

Features best fixed gear bikes

First of all, it is the simplest construction. Such bikes are the urban version of the track models, where light weight and maximum speed played a decisive role (for example, in Keirin competitions held in Japan).

Prices and Brands brands

In the past few years, the popularity of such bikes among representatives of various subcultures has led to increased production. Each mod considers it his duty to move around the city on fixed. Therefore, their design has become brighter, more colorful and original. Virtually everyone will be able to distinguish it from others. Among the manufacturers there are many companies that produce bikes of this class. The average price range of $ 300-400 is especially popular, but you can find offers for both $ 250 and $ 2500.


Buying or not buying Fixed Gear is a personal decision of every cyclist. This class has a simple and original design. It will give a feeling of high speed, but at the same time it is necessary to constantly pedal, and such excessive loads may not suit everyone, especially when going down the hills, when the cadence reaches 170 revolutions per minute or more. In addition, incorrect braking will negatively affect the knees .

Beauty: These affects the Healthy and Natural Growth of Hair

There are many factors that can influence the natural and Healthy Hair Growth; they can be of medical, emotional or lifestyle origin.

Medical treatment

Medical treatment can have side effects on the natural growth of hair.
Treatments include cholesterol, ulcer, diabetes, tension, and birth control pills.

The stress

Stress has an effect on the body and can cause hair loss. In extreme stress, the subsequent increase in adrenaline can sometimes lead to a significant increase in testosterone production. This can affect the health of the hair, if they are not balanced.

Here are some practical and effective tips that can help you ease your day-to-day stress; do physical exercise, think positively, stay flexible about your projects and do not neglect a good sleep.

The bad diet

It is essential to have a diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals to have healthy hair that grows well. A low protein diet is often the reason why hair grows badly. Deficiencies for a long time can lead to premature hair loss. Dietary advice: Consume at least 150 grams of protein a day. High protein foods include white and red meats, fish, dried beans, eggs and cheese.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes related to menopause can affect the hair growth cycle. Although this side effect of menopause is rare, it can occur in some cases. Women who suffer from ovarian syndrome may be exposed to hair problems due to hormonal imbalance and increased sensitivity to male hormones that are present in all humans.

Why are my hair so fragile and brittle after childbirth?

Right after delivery, hormone levels fall sharply as the secretion of hormones depends on the presence of the fetus in the uterus! This significant drop is partly responsible for the famous “baby blues” observed among young mothers! But it also results in considerable embrittlement of the hair fiber. You will see a significant drop in your hair, but do not worry! This is a common and normal phenomenon. Your body reacts in its own way to this decrease in hormone levels.

Your hair will be thinner and brittle, so:

  • Choose hairstyles that require the least amount of manipulation.
  • Also make sure to strengthen your hair and limit the fall with appropriate care enriched with keratin. Use these two to three treatments a week will gradually strengthen your frizzy or relaxed hair.

  • Stimulate regrowth of the hair with a fertilizing serum by acting on the level of hair bulb.

By being well informed and prepared, you will be able to manage the changes observed in your hair during your pregnancy. If hair health problems persist beyond a few months after pregnancy, they are likely to be caused by something other than pregnancy.

The effects of contraception

The pill is the most common method of contraception for women; a mixture of estrogen and progesterone that can sometimes have side effects on the hair growth cycle in those with a hereditary medical history of hair loss.

How can riding and cycling help you lose weight?

Nowadays, a lot of techniques are created that allow you to adjust weight and get rid of excess fat accumulations, but well-chosen physical activity remains one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Diets, taking medications, various surgeries and other modern possibilities leave the body without proper load: because of this, after losing weight, the skin can remain flabby and muscles weak, which does not correspond to modern ideas about beauty.

Not everyone is able to go to fitness, go to the gym and even to the pool - they don’t have enough time, and they don’t have enough patience to work at home. In addition, it is rather boring to do the exercises in the closed space of a city apartment, and the situation does not have to do this - housework is always there.

But many people like riding a bicycle, and not alone, but with friends or in a company: it is much more fun and interesting, and the fresh air is good; besides, we will always have time to “sit down” in apartments in winter.

With the advent of heat, many people remember that they used to “ride a bike” quite well, and with age this skill is not lost - however, sometimes you need to practice a bit. Ordinary cycling not only improves mood and well-being. Riding a bicycle is also an excellent means for losing weight and burning fat, a bicycle helps to form a more slender, strong figure - you shouldn’t “discount it”.

Why are cycling lose weight?

What is so good bike for weight loss? Regular cycling helps the body to become stronger and increase immunity, develop and train coordination of movements, improve the condition of the lungs and blood vessels, strengthen the heart muscle - we can say that this is the best type of cardio training.

In addition, such unobtrusive cycling training allows you to more often admire the nature - even urban, - and communicate with friends, or even make new acquaintances - with the current lack of communication is a major advantage.

When we ride a bike, the heart begins to beat faster, and the metabolism also accelerates - it is clear that this requires energy and calorie expenditure. We also begin to breathe more often and deeper, and the cells get more oxygen, and it contributes to the rapid splitting of fats. In the process of active torsion of the pedals, a lot of energy is released: the body begins to get rid of excess water, highlighting it in the form of sweat and when you exhale. But fats do not break down right away: first, “fast” carbohydrates are consumed - this is sugar contained in the blood, and the body can “stick” on it for about 30-40 minutes. After that, he “gets” to the fat reserves, and receives energy from them: to get about 9 kcal, the body needs to split 1 g of fat.

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